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Allen Wrench Strain


THC:19% |CBD:0.5%
Strain Type:SATIVA
Taste & smells like:Earthy, Fruity, Lemon
Feels like:Energetic,Uplifted,Happy
Similar Strains:Trainwreck,Strawberry Haze,NYC Diesel

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Allen Wrench,NYC Diesel’s heritageis most evident in its aroma. A powerful fuel tang fills the air wherever these nugs go. There are also some skunky undertones, and a definite citrus burst once the marijuana strain is ground up.
Exceptionally smooth on the inhale, this herb offers up a fuller expression of those citrus scents, with tart and sweet lemon and a grounding earthiness. It can be hard to disguise the pungent smoke, which is something to remember for marijuana consumers concerned about discretion.
Showing off typical Sativa traits, this plant produces spade or cylinder-shaped nugs with vibrant green leaves. Orange pistils are knotted all through the foliage, with a nice dusting of clear trichomes coating the surface. These shimmering crystals give this weed a sticky hand feel.

Medical Benefits Allen Wrench Strain
The sensational psychoactive high associated with this strain ensures it is a favorite amongst recreational users. However, many believe that the Allen Wrench strain also has several medical benefits. Medical marijuana patients looking for help managing a number of more psychological could have found an answer to their prayers.
Those who suffer from fatigue might find the burst of energy this strain provides to be enough to power them through the day
Depression, stress and anxiety can all take a hit with this herb, but in larger amounts some may run the risk of exacerbating their existing anxious condition
This bud has been known to inspire the munchies, which can be good news for marijuana patients suffering a lack of appetite

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