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Bubba Kush Strain


THC: 18.83% |CBD: 0.49%
Strain Type:INDICA
Taste & smells like: Pine, Honey, Mossy
Feels like:Euphoric,Relaxed,Uplifted,Happy
Similar Strains:OG Kush,G-13, and MK Ultra

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Bubba Kush is an Indica strain. It was originally a cross ofOG KushandBubble GumThe genetic lineage of Bubba Kush is unknown but believed to be of Afghani descent. An OG Kush hybrid cross-bred with an unknown Indica in 1996, and the strain has since emerged as a well-known and liked strain. The resulting plants were then selectively bred for multiple generations to create the perfect bud, known as Bubba Kush.
Bubba Kush is a favorite among Indica lovers because of its sweet tones are accompanied by the classic ‘kush’ pungency. You will find yourself feeling deeply relaxed and euphoric, which will help to combat insomnia and appetite loss for those who need it. Notice your stress and sadness melt away, as you spend a nice evening with Bubba.
Its THC level averages at 14%, making this a good strain for novice consumers looking for a relaxing high. However, some crops have tested to have up to 25% so be sure to look at the THC content before purchasing and consuming.
Bubba Kush straintends to induce soothing yet powerful relaxation throughout the body along with a slightly euphoric mindset. It can help with insomnia and muscle tension, so consumption should be done in the evening and at night time.
Bubba Kushis known to relieve most cases of nausea as well as increasing appetite, so expect munchies and to become couch-locked.
Medical Benefits of Bubba Kush
This strain has been popular with medical marijuana patients for almost two decades thanks to the number of conditions it can help to manage.
Strong Indica effects make Bubba Kush a great choice for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients
High THC levels stimulate appetite and provide ample pain relief and deep muscle relaxation
Potent sedative effects also make Bubba the perfect cure for insomnia
You’ll want to stick to nighttime use with this strain, however. Bubba Kush can leave you stuck on the couch and craving your favorite snacks.

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