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Double Dream Strain


THC:20% |CBD:0.55%
Strain Type:HYBRID
Taste & smells like:Hash, Strawberry, Sweet
Feels like:Creative,Relaxing,Sedative
Similar Strains:Blue Dream, Dream Star,Lemon Skunk

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Double Dreamis a hybrid strain that is hugely sativa leaning, initially created by, in a sense, mixing Blue Dream with itself. Its direct parentage is, of course, the incredibly popularBlue Dream, crossed with Dream Star, which is itself a sativa-leaning hybrid cross of Blue Dream and Stardawg. This makes this strain basically 75% Blue Dream in its parentage, though the cross with Stardawg’s genetics introduces a few new distinctions that makeDouble Dream for salejust a bit more potent.
Double Dream weedis recommended for experienced marijuana consumers, the THC in this flower can get quite high. This strain averages about 20 percent of the psychoactive cannabinoid, but it has tested as high as 26 percent. Novice cannabis consumers may find that they are a bit anxious or paranoid with this strain. Though, veteran consumers will likely enjoy the easygoing and chill vibes the flower inspires.
Medical Benefits of Double Dream Strain
This strain’s parent plant, Blue Dream, as long been treasured by the medical marijuana community. Add in the mood-elevating properties ofDream Star marijuana, and cannabis fans will find a potent and effective remedy. Medical cannabis consumers pick up this plant for a variety of conditions, including the management of moderate to chronic pain. WhileDouble Dream straincan certainly be useful for those with mild aches and pains, this herb is popular for its slightly narcotic-like effect. Though, this bud is far from sedate.
Medical cannabis consumers often pick up Double Dream for the management of pain, especially mild aches and inflammatory pain.
Some find that this weed has a notable numbing effect on the body, relaxing muscles and easing uncomfortable tension.
However, this bud is joyous and mood-boosting overall. Recreational and medical marijuana consumers alike tend to enjoy Double Dream for stress relief, fatigue, and to promote a calm focus.

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