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Afghan Kush Strain


THC: 18.50%  |CBD: 2.15%
Strain Type:INDICA
Taste & smells like: Musky, Skunk, Diesel
Feels like:Euphoric,Hungry,Happy,Relaxed,Mellow
SIMILAR STRAIN:Afghani,Bubba Kush

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Afghan Kushis a popular  is a powerfulindica marijuana strain, exuding an earthy, pine fragrance with a similar taste. Some reviewers have said it exudes a pinesol-like smell, citrusy and herbal. Its known to have massive, condensed buds when ready to harvest, broad leaves, and heavy resin content.
It descends from the indica strain Afghani, its roots being traced back to theHindu Kushmountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It was first bred to create a perfect and potent cannabis strain for producing sticky, black Afghani hash.
Afghan Kush strainhas an average THC content of 13%-14% with a high of 17%. Its high creates extremely powerful effects on the body, causing the consumer to feel lazy and/or sleepy. It’s recommended for nighttime use, being effective in relieving aches and pains while inducing a euphoric sensation. Many reviewers say its hard to move after ingestion, as well as giving them the munchies. Those experiencing insomnia give this strain a high rating for its sedative effects.  Relieves stress and depression. Stimulates appetite, promotes relaxation, has strong analgesic properties. If too much is consumed at once, headaches may occur a few hours after the high wears off.
Medical Benefits of Afghan Kush
This classic Indica strain’s popularity endures in part due to its potent medicinal effects. Medical consumers tend to enjoy this strain for severe nausea and lack of appetite. The potent body-heavy effects also make this a great choice for pain.
The sedative experience of this strain makes it suitable for relief from insomnia and other sleep disorders
The Afghan Kush strain produces a heavy, body-centered experience which makes it popular among patients searching for chronic pain relief
Don’t be surprised if your stomach starts to growl. Afghan Kush can be a powerful appetite stimulator, which may be helpful to those with caxacia, loss of appetite, and other eating disorders
Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety may also benefit from this herb’s ability to take you out of your head and into the realm of physical bliss.

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