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Cinex Strain


THC:21% |CBD:1%
Strain Type:SATIVA
Taste & smells like:Citrus, Lemon, Skunk
Feels like:Creative,Energetic,Focus
Similar Strains:Cinderella 99,Sour Diesel,White Buffalo

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Cinex Cannabiswas first bred in Vancouver, Washington by crossingCinderella 99andVortex,resulting in a cerebral and energizing marijuana strain with strong euphoric effects. Expect to feel focused, blissful, and creative a few minutes after consuming this herb. The powerful energy ofCinex marijuana for saleprovides makes it perfect for daytime use. Though, you may find yourself floating off in space thanks to the dreamy, philosophical qualities of this strain.
Cinex cannabis nuggetsare quite beautiful, they have a white-green hue with orange hairs that embellish the sides. The strain has a pungent aroma, but it is less pronounced in its flavors. A sour note accompanies its mild skunky taste. Upon exhalation, the lingering citrusy aftertaste makes it refreshing to use. The nugs feature a beautiful, generous frosting of crystals, and the leaves are a very light green color.

Medical Benefits of Cinex
A perfect daytime strain, medical patients choose this strain for its range of positive health effects.Cinex Weed strainwakes up the creative soul in them and keeps you focused on work all day long. Some reviewers have noted this strain will also alleviate many forms of pain and aches. Because of its euphoric effects, this is an amazing remedy for anxiety and depression. It has also delivered impressive results among patients who have struggled with loss of appetite.
Medical marijuana patients with ADHD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder tend to enjoy this strain
Those suffering from migraines, arthritis, and other forms of chronic pain also respond well to this strain, especially during daytime use
Chronic stress becomes easier to manage thanks to this strain’s calming effects

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